Music as a Chariot
to Aug 29

Music as a Chariot


WORKSHOP DATES | 10am to 6pm on Monday 27, Tuesday 28 and Wednesday 29 August 2018

A three-day workshop presented by Richard K. Thomas, exploring topics in the book Music as a Chariot, to introduce composers, sound designers, directors and others interested in developing an enhanced aesthetic and understanding of the power of sound.

CONCEPT | Almost 14 billion years ago the Big Bang set into motion fundamental laws that govern the behaviour of energy in time and space. These laws made music not only possible, but eventually caused music to evolve into a fundamental element of the human experience. Music as a Chariot combines biological, anthropological, neurological, philosophical, psychological and historical evidence into a fascinating story that explains and explores the dominance of music in popular culture, and the fundamental role it plays in empowering ideas in song and dramatic action.

BACKGROUND |  This lecture and project-based workshop introduces the fundamental thesis of the book, that theatre is a type of music. In Music as a Chariot, we place particular emphasis throughout the workshop on the differences between music composition as an autonomous art, and as a vehicle for inciting emotion and manipulating the perception of time by theatre audiences. In short, the workshop helps us to understand the implications of using music to transport audiences into the dramatic worlds of theatre.

PROCESS | Participants in the workshop explore these elements in simple recording projects in which they attempt to incite specific emotions of love, fear, anger, joy and sadness in their peers by isolating the design element under consideration.

The workshop includes a series of lecture/discussions that trace the evolution of music, theatre, and mimesis, and how core elements of design and composition evolved to become artistic tools.

DURATION | 3 day workshop and evening presentations, lectures & discussions.

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PRESENTATION |  Participants’ work will be presented and explored during the lectures and discussions.

PARTICIPANTS | Music as a Chariot is intended for participants who are keenly interested in exploring the relationship between the creation of sound scores, and the audience who experiences the sound scores. Open to a wide range of participants from theatre, film and video, video games, designer to director to visual artist to consumers of popular media culture.

Workshop participants are limited to 20

All participants will need to have a portable device that records audio. (Most smartphones will have an app available that will record audio in mp3, WAV, or AIFF formats.

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