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Beyond the Horizon

oin Kazue Hatano, Japanese scenographer and members of her Pacific Collaborators group to explore using calligraphy and paper in the creation of costumes, set and performance.

Workshop participants can come from all disciplines and be both student and professional, and this workshop provides a great opportunity to work with Japanese theatrical creators,

Duration | 4 workshop days and 2 Performance | Presentation days

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CONCEPT | This project is designed to build a deeper understanding between artists from the UK and Japan - both young and old.  To start to break away from conventional ways of thinking towards the genuine purpose of creation and through this collaborative workshop process to create contemporary Artforms from traditional cultures. 

PROCESS | The stage, costumes and performance will be created with Calligraphy materials, hand made papers etc. and in collaboration with Japanese contemporary dancers  

BACKGROUND | Pacific Creators for the Performing Arts (PaCPA) was created 15 years ago with the mission of educating young people who want to work in theatre.

PaCPA has organized seminars, exhibitions, workshops and international projects through its partnership with OISTAT. Many UK Designers have visited Japan to work with PaCPA on seminars & workshops.

Kazue Hatano organized The Exhibition of Japanese Theatre Design Now in 2001 at the National Theatre in London,


Kazue Hatano | Project Leader |Artistic Director | Scenographer | President of PaCPA

Yusuke Ito | Choreographer | Contemporary Dancer     

Miki Houei | Choreographer | Contemporary Dancer

Yusuke Hirano | Stage Manager

Taku Tamura | Lighting Consultant       

Naoka Fukushima | Japanese Calligraphy Consultant

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