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Workshop 7 | Heritage Theatre Techniques in Contemporary Scenography

CONCEPT | For workshop participants we aim for theatre technicians and scenographers, students as well as professionals. But everybody with theatre aspirations, eager to discover the unexpected possibilities of heritage theatre techniques and not afraid to get his/her hands dirty, is welcome.

* Observers can come from any possible theatre discipline, interested students as well as openminded professionals. They can observe the workshop. They may come and leave the workshop to their needs, to be able to attend other but simultaneous OISTAT-50 activities.

Inspired by the traditional principles of baroque machinery we will experiment with available standard materials like tracks or cable channels, trolleys, pulleys, sheaves, etc. to be able to introduce this underestimated but versatile heritage techniques into contemporary scenography. No necessity to have an historic under-stage with wing-chariots to realize that.


BACKGROUND | After visiting many historic theatres where the heritage theatre machinery was dismantled in sake of modernisation, it became clear to Jerome that the many possibilities of the different theatre techniques from the past were not recognised anymore today. The mentality reigns that they are only interesting at most as theatre relic to realise a reconstruction of baroque opera scene changes.

This workshop will prove that this versatile technique can serve contemporary scenography in a way it never has been used in the past. At the same time we can make clear that this is a much cheaper theatre technique than any up-to-date and expensive computer driven system.

PROCESS | The workshop will start with a short presentation giving a quick overview of the historic use. Some examples of contemporary possibilities and use will be given to convey you to think out of the box and start full of enthusiasm on the workshop.

At the location of the workshop there will be a truss structure to suggest a stage area where you will put together a relatively budget-friendly alternative for heritage theatre techniques with the available standard materials.

Once finished this preparation of the stage area, you will be invited to use your imagination to ply this alternative in building up a short performance.

The workshop will end with 3 Demo Shows to present the OISTAT-50 attendants your performance. After each show the public can react and ask questions on the working process of the used techniques.

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