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Workshop 3 | The EYE OF THE STORM | Theatr Na Nog

Workshop attendees from all theatre disciplines, technical, design lighting ,sound and video will combine to create an indoor Tornado. Using theatre techniques and science accompanied with sound, video and lighting workshops.

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Eye of the Storm | Background to Original Theatre Production by Theatr Na Nog

Our production is inspired by human awe and natural wonderment of extreme weather systems and the incredible resilience of the human spirit. In our case, a young girl  Emmie.   She dreams of being a storm chaser and desperately wants to leave her humdrum life in a South Wales valley to study meterology, and in particular, storms and tornadoes in Mid West America.  As part of a science competition,  Emmie invents a machine that can harness a tornado, possibly inventing a machine that can create renewable energy.


We are delighted o have the endorsement and support of Louis Michaud, a Canadian scientist / inventor, whose Atmospheric Vortex Engine was the inspiration behind our story.

Director | Geinor Styles

Please BOOK your place on the workshop HERE


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