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Workshop 1 | Cena#3:INTERSECTIONS | Aby Cohen

CONCEPT | Workshop/Artistic residency led by Aby Cohen for artists from the different disciplines of Theatre. Participants will work together, by combining skills and disciplines to create non-textual narratives in a shared signature.  


BACKGROUND | INTERSECTIONS is the third stage of the project Desenhos de Cena#, which explores ways to create and exhibit the design as performance. The previous editions of this project, Cena#1 and Cena#2 were realised in Sao Paulo | 2016 and in Taipei | 2017.


PROCESS | The working process will include exploring historic sites in Cardiff, aiming to lead to a dialogue between the proposals brought by the participants and the locality, promoting the intersection of experiences, ideas, people and theatre practice, celebrating the joy of working together during the 50 years of the OISTAT.


DURATION | 3 day workshop and evening presentation


PRESENTATION |  Scenes/installations will be presented as a performance followed by Q.A. session, also documented and presented by photographs and video during the OISTAT 50 years event.


PARTICIPANTS |   16 artists, both professionals and students from the following areas: set design and scenic architecture;  costume and makeup; sound; light and multimedia; puppets and props; performers.

Plus 1 participant interested in research, who would like to work on documentation of the entire process.


HOW TO APPLY: Those wishing to take part please email Aby on

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